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Air-Pots - Planting Containers

Air-Pots - Planting Containers

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These pots are ideal for growing trees in containers. The special design includes cuspated walls (similar to egg boxes) and open grills at the base with plenty of holes. This system 'air-prunes' the roots (when the roots hit the air the tips die off), which creates a healthy, fibrous root system.

These pots mean that roots cannot spiral within the container and stops the plant from becoming rot bound. Planting trees in these pots means they can be kept in there longer term.

If you are planning to plant out a Eucalyptus into a container for your patio, garden or similar we recommend having the tree growing in an Air-Pot. This can then be slipped into a more attractive pot.

Our trees already come in Air-Pots (except the Planting Stock size), we provide these Air-Pots in case you want to pot-on your tree into a larger size. The pots need some assembly, but this takes less than 1 minute and will come with brief instructions.

Air-Pots are manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled plastic.

For more information on growing in Air-Pots and the technology behind the design you can visit the Air-Pots Website.

Size Information:

Size -- Diameter -- Wall Height

3 Litre -- 150mm -- 235mm
9 Litre -- 225mm -- 295mm
16 Litre -- 275mm -- 350mm
20 Litre -- 315mm -- 315mm

Air-Pot 3 Litre (3.00)
Air-Pot 9 Litre (5.00)
Air-Pot 16 Litre (7.50)
Air-Pot 20 Litre (9.00)

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