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Tree Planting Essentials Kit

Tree Planting Essentials Kit

In stock

These kits provide you with all the sundries you need to give your tree the best possible start. There are two kit options:

The Standard Kit will include:

1 x 0.5 metre sq Mulch Mat
5 x Plastic Barbed Pegs
1 x Spiral Rabbit Guard

The Stake kit , for use with larger trees or those being planted on windy sites, will also come with:

1x 3ft/90cm wooden stake (1" square)
1 x Tree Tie - Soft Rubber

For info and advise on planting trees, please visit our Planting Trees Section

NOTE: We only provide short stakes as taller stakes can prevent strong trunk growth.

Kit Size:
Stake Kit (5.50)
Standard Kit (3.75)

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