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Visual Screening - Hiding or obscuring something you don't want others to see

Visual Screening Hiding From Others Introduction

The starting point may seem obvious but you need to think clearly what it is you are trying to obscure and from what observation points. What you are trying to obscure may be small like a garden shed or it could be a large area such as a swimming pool. Where will 'it' be visible from, a neighbours kitchen window or from the bus that goes by? Is what you're trying to hide on top of a hill or in a valley? Is it being viewed from below, or above?

If possible, sketch a diagram to show the relative size of the object to be obscured, where it can be seen from and the distance between them.

How to hide or obscure something from other people

There are many reasons why you might want to obscure the view of others. Privacy is probably the main reason but there are others such as for planning permission or simply consideration of others by hiding an eyesore.

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