Tree of the Month April 2015

Tree of the Month April 2015

Each month we will be showcasing one of our trees and telling you why we like it and grow it. You can learn about its origins, history, characteristics, growing habits and what it could bring to your garden.

Tree of the Month April 2015 Is:

Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp. debeuzevillei - Jounama Snow Gum

Origin & History

A subspecies of E. pauciflora it originates from high peaks near Mount Franklin in the Jounama Range, New South Wales, Australia. Named after Wilfred Alexander Watt de Beuzeville (1884-1954). An experienced botanist and ecologist who published Australian Trees for Australian Planting (1947) along with scientific papers.

Characteristics & Growing Habits Mature Height: 10m Rate of Growth: Slow 0.5-1m per year Hardiness: *** -15°C + Soil: Dry Tolerant Position: Wind Tolerant, Salt Tolerant Growth Habit: Single or multi-stemmed. Spreading growth habit with open crown. Leaves: Large oval bluish to glaucous juvenile leaves and glossy olive green adult leaves. Bark: The bark is smooth and shiny white, cream, green and grey which sheds in ribbons from the stems and branches.

Why You Should Grow It

E. pauciflora is one of the most cold hardy species of all Eucalypts. It is a popular ornamental species and rightly so. Increasingly grown as multi-stemmed specimens to showcase their smooth mottled bark and large attractive leaves. Would naturally grow to 10m but can be kept trimmed at a shorter height. Can also be grown in pots so long as there is good drainage.

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