Tree Of The Month August 2015

Tree Of The Month August 2015: Eucalyptus nicholii - Narrow Leaved Black Peppermint, Willow Gum.

Why Should You Grow It?

A small to medium tree with a dense, bushy crown of delicate thin leaves. Those worried about Eucalyptus shedding lots of material should consider the E. nicholii as the narrow leaves are blown away and the bark does not shed as much as other Eucs. For this reason they are widely planted urban trees in parts of Australia and California USA.

Although given the Peppermint name for the bark rather than the smell they still have a distinct Eucalyptus aroma.


Mature Height: 15m
Rate of Growth: 0.5-1m per year
Hardiness: ** -10 to -15°C
Soil: Dry Tolerant
Position: Sheltered, Sunny Postion
Growth Habit: Bushy dense growth with compact crown
Leaves: Small thin leaves which are bright green.
Bark: Young bark red turning to brown fibrous and sheds when mature.
Special Interest: Can be Container Grown, Can be Coppiced

Origins & History:

Originating from South-East Australia but is now considered Endangered in its native habitat. Named for Richard Nichol (1866-1947) who was employed as a Herbarium Assistant at the Sydney Botanical Gardens.

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